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Standish Humane Society could not further its mission if it were not for the many loving volunteers who give their time and energy to keeping the shelter running.  Many of our volunteers spend their time doing “daily shift” service in which they clean shelter rooms, change litter and feed and socialize the cats.  This shift work is very important, but Standish also has other opportunities for volunteers if you are interested and have a bit of time for orientation to new tasks.   Some available volunteer tasks can be handled right from your home and on a flexible schedule.  If you are a current volunteer, taking on other volunteer tasks could be done as an addition to your current shift duties or in substitution for such duties.  If you are not currently volunteering at Standish and are considering it, but do not know how your skill set would benefit us, we would love to take advantage of your special interests and skills (accounting; computers; carpentry; landscaping; veterinary; grant writing, creative writing, etc), so please let us know if there are activities that you would like to participate in to benefit Standish.  We want to put your energy and skills to work in the best possible way!

To be a shelter "daily shift" volunteer for direct cat care, you must


  • Be at least 16 years old to work in the Shelter; 13-15 year-olds must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Be able to carry a bucket of hot water.

  • Be able to bend and reach to clean the floors of cages.

  • Be able to carry 10-25 lbs.

  • Have steady, firm -- yet gentle -- hands.

  • Be able to mop a floor with a feline supervisor playfully perched on your shoulders. 


People typically volunteer with us once-a-week, twice-a-month or once-a-month, and usually donate between 1.5 hours-4 hours each time. 

Would you like to help in ways other than taking direct care of the cats?  Please take a few minutes to review the many volunteer tasks that are vital to the operation of our programs.

  • Videographer or photographer to assist with special projects

  • Join the fundraising committee

    • Brainstorm new ideas and events for fundraisers

    • Help post flyers to advertise events

    • Help with purchasing supplies or arranging "basket" for raffles

  • Help with Social Media or Website

    • Help manage the facebook site

    • Manage a Standish Twitter account

    • Assist with managing content on the Standish Website

  • Assist with Sponsor Program

    • Update sponsors; write thank you notes & send photos to sponsors


    • We are looking for people with previous experience and knowledge of grant writing

  • Write thank you notes to donors

  • Run errands for the shelter

    • Pick up mail at Duxbury Post Office

    • Pick up supplies or prescriptions at area stores

    • Transport cats to/from vets and groomers

  • Shelter maintenance

    • Organize closets/hall/garage

    • Stock rooms with food and litter

  • Grounds maintenance

    • Lawn mowing/pruning/weeding

  • Assist in office work

    • Track & organize supplies

    • Photocopying/maintenance of handouts and brochures

    • Assist with emails & phone calls

  • Assist in writing articles for the “Newsletter”

  • Become a cat “BUDDY” at the shelter

  • Become a cat “foster parent” at home

  • Participate in public relations efforts

    • participate in weekend activities (out reach events and animal fairs)

QUESTIONS?  Email us at

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