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Create an account and then shop on the site at any of the 1,900+ online stores, for products including pet supplies, flowers, clothing, contacts, hotels, groceries and so much more.

iGive takes care of the details, including sending the money you'll help raise directly to Standish Humane Society.

Honor Loved Ones

Honor friends, loved ones, and colleagues in memoriam or commemorate a special occasion, and help support our efforts.

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Cleanable Kuranda Cat Towers

Cats LOVE to climb and perch! These heavy-duty vinyl perch towers are loved by dog and cat shelters far and wide.  They are easy to disinfect and very durable (meaning kitty claw proof!) plus they provide lots of vertical play space for the kitties.


For those who wish to assist Standish with a bequest, this sample text may be used in preparation of a will.  It is important to get the name exactly right:

In Kind Gifts and WishList

Donated goods, services, and certificates help raise funds through giveaways and auctions at year-round events, as well as help in the operation of our Adoption Center & reduced cost Spay/ Neuter Program

Donation Jar
Do it Yourself Fundraising

Join Standish's  DIY Fundraising Community and raise money to help cats in need - year round!  

Sponsor a Cat

You can sponsor one or more shelter cats each month, a litter of kittens in a foster home or help reduce the number of unwanted pets by sponsoring a cat to be spayed or neutered.  Learn more about weekly, monthly or quarterly sponsorships.

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Purchase Everyday Supplies

It takes a lot of food, litter, and toys to keep our cats happy. But  it takes a lot of everyday items like mops, brooms, buckets, printer ink and stamps to keep the shelter running.

Fresh Step PawPoints

Help Standish Humane Society get FREE cat litter!  You can donate your PawPoints from purchasing FreshStep Cat Litter to your favorite shelter


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