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Standish's Resources 

Kitty Love

Cat Must Haves

Adopting a new cat or kitten into your household?  Here is a list of items you will need.  

Dewy Purple Foxglove

Safe vs Poisonous Plants

A list of 199 plants with notations of which ones are dangerous for pets

Cat Eyes


Learn more about what it means when at cat has FIV.  New medical information has changed what was previously thought about the health of these cats


Read about the health benefits of providing your cat canned cat food.

At the Vet

Pet Insurance

Some pet owners want to have the security of knowing their pet's health is insured but don't know which insurances is best for them. 

Cleaning Products

Pet Safe household cleaning

A quick list of "do it yourself" household cleaners that keep you and your fur kids safe

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