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Our Mission

Standish Humane Society is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to assisting our local community with low cost spay and neuters to reduce the overpopulation of felines on the South Shore of MA.   We actively trap, neuter, feed and assess feral community cat colonies to further reduce the overpopulation and suffering of outdoor kitties.  We rehome adoptable cats and kittens to safe loving forever homes and whenever possible we transport cats and kittens from high kill shelters to areas within our own geography looking for pets. We promise to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome adoptable felines.  We hope to ensure healthy domesticated pets and community cats through both education and affordable spay and neuter services, and inspire a community in which all felines, feral and friendly are understood and cared for.

Did you know?

93% of every dollar Standish raises goes directly to the care of the animals!

Standish has a strong group of dedicated volunteers who care for, feed, and socialize our cats. 

Standish does home-to-home adoptions.

Sometimes a person needs to surrender an animal for any number of reasons… allergies, aggression towards another animal, the cat’s owner has died or is placed in a nursing facility or retirement home.

Standish Adoption counselors seek out the right candidate for the cat and facilitates the new adopter meeting the cat in his or her own home which helps to keep the cat feeling calm and secure and prevents the transition of coming into the shelter-

More than 200 children a year come through the doors of Standish to be educated on cat care tips.

Standish Humane supports school groups, Boy and Girl Scout Troops and children who are home schooled. The children are taught how to keep a kitty inside, how to groom and feed a cat and of course why it is important to adopt an animal rather buy from a breeder.


Standish Humane Society has several foster homes (but always needs more!).

Foster homes are vital for taking in quiet or shy cats that need extra time to learn to trust. We take in cats who have an injury of unknown origin and need to be quarantined. Standish also has a growing program of fosters who take in pregnant or nursing mothers, or abandoned kittens. 

Standish helps more than 100 different families a year keep their pet in their home when they financially didn’t think they could.

Planet Subaru Home Forever Fund offered people financial assistance for everything from food, litter, vaccines, surgeries and other veterinary services

Standish rescued more than 100 cats so far from high kill shelters in areas of FL and GA.

Cats are flown out of these high kill shelter areas and brought to Standish Humane to have a better chance of being adopted and not euthanized. They are completely vetted, spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to being placed for adoption.

Standish takes in feral pregnant cats

Standish fosters them and allows them to have their babies in a safe, warm environment. We keep the mama and babies safe from predators. After babies are old enough to be weaned Standish spays and vaccinates the mama and places her in a suitable location where she will have shelter and be fed. 

Standish also takes in feral kittens and has a strong socialization program

Specially trained volunteers handle and hand feed the kittens multiple times per day building their trust towards people.

Standish assists well over 500 pets a year get spayed and neutered in our community?

Through both our reduced cost Spay/Neuter program with ARL Spay Waggin and through an alliance with several local veterinarians we offer certificates for reduced cost spay/neuter

Standish continues to support our cats with Diabetes and Cardiomyopathy even after adoption?

To assure that our cats in our care continue to receive medically necessary treatment, Standish will provide ongoing medical support to assist adopters of cats with certain lifelong illness.

Standish does post adoption work

Adoptions counselors provide guidance on acclimating a new cat to new home, to a resident dog or another cat or to children. Standish also supports pet owners in need of behavioral advice.

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