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DIY Fundraising





Join Standish Humane's DIY Fundraising Community and raise money to help cats in need - year round!  Your fundraiser can be an event, occur completely online or be a combination of both.  The opportunities to get involved and raise funds for Standish are endless.  You can select from the ideas below, or come up with your own - it's all up to you! 


Host an Event

You can help save more lives by putting your interests and talents to work to raise money for Standish Humane Society. From a garage sale to movie night to birthday party and everything in between, you can host a fundraiser that works for you.  


Create an Online Fundraiser

Tap into your social networks to help Standish save lives! Online fundraisers are a great way to honor a loved one, celebrate a special occasion or rally support for your next walk or run, all while spreading your love for Standish too!  


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Honor or remember a special person or beloved pet in a personal way by holding a fundraiser in memoriam. 

Yard Sale

Spring cleaning can occur any time of year and you can make some money for Tree House while doing it. Get deep into those closets at home, ask friends and family to donate items and get selling. Hold a garage sale or sell your stuff on online!  You’ll be giving a second chance to some great items AND cats!


You say it’s your birthday? Ask your friends and family to forego birthday cards and gifts this year and make a donation to the cats and kittens at Standish in honor of another year of YOU!

No Gifts Please

For your next party or special occasion, invite your guest to make donations to Standish Humane instead of bringing gifts. What could be a more meaningful way to celebrate than by sharing your gifts with cats in need?

Canned Food Drive

Hosting a food drive is a fun and easy way to help cats in need!  Whether you host a traditional food drive or a virtual campaign using Standish's  Amazon Wish List, your cat and dog food donations support our Pet Food Pantry, helping pet parents facing economical challenges as well as Standish Cats.

Just Because

Sometimes you don't need a big life event as a reason to raise money for Standish.   You can, just because!

Tap into your social networks to help Standish  save lives!  You can build your own personalized online fundraising page and collect donations which help sick, injured, and stray cats. 

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