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Kermit the Cat

No frog here --I'm a handsome black and white tuxedo cat. I used to live outdoors, and life was difficult. I was trapped in a cage, and it terrified me. I was taken to Standish Humane Society to be neutered. The people who had been feeding me outside thought I was a feral cat, and they were going to release me back where I was living. But I began to thank the volunteers at the shelter for making me so warm and comfortable with purrs and head butts. They decided that I was not feral after all and should be given a chance to be a pet cat. 


I have been adjusting to the good life quite well. The shelter is like a five-star hotel. I have a private room with a soft bed, toys galore, and at least twice a day room service. Very nice ladies bring my breakfast and dinner, freshen my water bowl, and make sure my litter box is kept in pristine condition. Those room service volunteers are so sweet that I have begun to adjust to a life of leisure and fun. One of the amenities at the shelter is socialization. Socializers come in and play with me, get me used to being around humans, and stroke me. It is very nice. I have done so well at being socialized that the volunteers say that I am ready to be a pet cat.


I am now looking for a forever home with people willing to work with me and reap great rewards from the love of this boy cat. I will need a person who is calm, gentle, and very patient. I have so much potential that needs to be brought out by my very own person. I can get overstimulated when I'm petted so I need someone who will let me have my space. The volunteers say I act like a dog, following them around and wanting to be with a person all the time. I do howl if I am left alone for too long to alert them that I need to see them.


I am named after Kermit the Frog, and I kind of identify with him. After all I am his namesake He was in a movie and sang a song about a rainbow. I spend a lot of my time hoping that I will find a forever home at the end of my rainbow.


I am sweet, and I love humans. I am still learning my manners. I just need someone to love me and help me be the best pet cat ever. Do you live at the end of a rainbow? I would love to meet you.



Kermit the Cat

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